Friday, January 23, 2015

Rick Reilly on the Difference Between Facebook and Reading a Book

As someone who is working hard to wean himself away from the terrible habit of wasting time on Facebook, I particularly love the opening to this promotional video for National Readathon Day (which is tomorrow, January 24, by the way).

For more information on National Readathon day, please click this Penguin/Random House Link.

Preach it, Brother Rick...and for those wondering, I'm managing to limit my Facebook visits to once or twice a day for about ten minutes of browsing, total.  No political posts are read, no religious posts are read, no cute dog and cat videos are watched, no trashy celebrity news is viewed, and I only post a comment or two (if that) before shutting her down.  I'm limiting myself to personal family news, book related topics, and a little music news.  Period.  And my life is so much better for that.


  1. As a reader who shares your concerns I appreciate your approach. And there is no better time than today. Now, it's back to my book!

  2. Good move, James...back to your book is always a good choice. Hey...haven't been on Facebook at all today and I'm hoping for a Facebook-free weekend.