Saturday, January 31, 2015

Classical Music for the Reader 5: Great Masterpieces for the Dedicated Reader

Whether you love or hate Amazon, it is hard to ignore just how innovative and clever the company is because it seems as if Amazon thinks of everything before the competition does - or, at the very least, tweaks the ideas of other companies until the company seems to own even those.

Here's a little case in point that I stumbled upon just yesterday.  Have you ever been reading in a public space, say over a quick solo lunch, but have it turn into one of those tremendously frustrating experiences during which you simply cannot drown out the inane chatter and giggling around you no matter how hard you try to concentrate?  

Well, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, it's problem solved for free.  I was in McDonald's for my twice-monthly Egg McMuffin fix yesterday morning when it happened to me again.  But I had earbuds and my Kindle Fire with me, so I tapped the music icon and started looking for music that I could loose myself in while continuing to read.  And I found just the thing...specially chosen classical cuts perfect to listen to while reading, an album called "Classical Music for the Reader."

Note that the album cover pictured is marked as being number 5, so I assume that there are several different compilations of this kind of music.  (I have placed two of them into my Prime Music library but have not looked for any others.)  I do know, too, that there are also compilations called Prime Music Playlists that are pre-set for certain moods and situations.  I have one of these called "Classical Music for Studying" in my free library all ready to go when I next need to drown out distracting sounds.

The ones I've tried work pretty well and allow me to tune out all but the noisiest humanoids in my midst.  Within seconds yesterday, I was able to fully concentrate on my reading except during those particularly quiet moments that come with some classical music.  The answer to that, I found; was to switch to a selection of Bach violin concertos - where the quiet moments are fewer and farther between.

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