Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Explosion Gone Bad Blows Out Front of Macon Bookstore

Owners of the Golden Bough bookstore in Macon, Georgia, got a rude awakening early Sunday morning...a phone call alerting them that a movie production crew had blown up part of their building.

From television station WMAZ, comes word that a bus was purposely blown up in front of the bookstore as part of the filming of "The Fifth Wave, a movie based on a recent Rick Yancey book.  The book is the fifth in Yancey's series about an alien invasion that is quickly ridding Earth of its human population.

From the news broadcast:
"The exploded a bus right in front of our store," she said.
She said that fire crews immediately went into the store to make sure a fire hadn't started inside the store. Luckily, there was no fire, but Wakefield pointed out that their internet and phone lines had been destroyed. The store's modem for its Internet and telephone equipment had been completely melted.
It wasn't the equipment that had her worried though. "Our first concern was the cats," she said, "We have bookstore cats that were in at the time, but we found them safe."

As part of their settlement, the bookstore owners should ask for a bunch of copies of "The Fifth Wave" that they could sell at 100% profit in the store.  After all, this is the book that inadvertently put them out of business for a while.   (Here's hoping that the bookstore repairs go so well that they result in improvements to the old store.)


  1. Oh wow! what a phone call to get! Hopefully the film company is being generous with their reparations!

    1. I hope so, Stefanie, because I doubt that such a small business carries "business interruption" insurance.

  2. Yikes! They have made so many movies in the last few years in Shreveport, but the only problems I've heard about (and occasionally experienced) have had to do with traffic.