Saturday, February 18, 2023

16-Year-Old Blog Post Deemed to Be Offensive

 After this blog having rested in my blog for almost 16 years, someone has gone crying to Google that the book review is offensive, and now it sits under a warning banner that has to be clicked through in order to read it.

The Guardians is a novel that I felt was advocating for an open border between the U.S. and Mexico all those years ago. I gave what I believed to be a fair review of the book, and responded to those who disagreed with my assessment at the time in what I believed to be a courteous manner. There was no anger shown on either side.

In my opinion, this is just another example of censoring or limiting the availability of any opinion that disagrees in the very least little bit with what is acceptable in today's timid culture where everyone has to fear being jumped on for something that offends even one of the new woke warriors out there - even if it is almost two decades old and was posted in a whole different world than the insane one we live in today. What are they so afraid of?

It's also a reminder that posting on social media is just not worth the effort anymore. Thanks for that, Mr. Google.

EDIT: A second post from even earlier was deleted a few days later. I submitted a request to Blogger for a review of the post for re-instatement without changing a word. Less than 24 hours, back it was with no comment from anyone as to why it was ever deleted in the first place. Bots apparently don't have great judgement, but human eyeballs agreed with me that the whole thing was silly.