Sunday, January 18, 2015

Harry Bosch Comes to Video Thanks to Amazon Prime

Rejoice, Michael Connelly fans, because Amazon Prime Instant Video has a treat for you on February 13: a full season of Harry Bosch cases to be released all at the same time.  Feel free to binge-view your way to happiness.

Here's the official trailer that Amazon is using to whet the appetites of its Amazon Prime customers:

Readers of the Harry Bosch books will probably recognize that most of this trailer seems to be from Connelly's City of Bones (a book I reviewed here on November 23, 2009, if you're interested in learning more about it).  This is Harry Bosch at the tail end of his career; he is in his sixties and has been relegated to working cold cases for the LAPD, a job he comes to relish.  I am looking forward to the series with high hope that it matches the intensity of Michael Connelly's novels...we'll see.

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