Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'd Sooner Flush a Fifty Down the Toilet...

Try as I might, and no matter how hard I try to ignore celebrity trash like the whole Kardashian family, daughter Kim has intruded on my day once again - this time as I innocently (I swear, it's true) searched the web for the latest book news, I inadvertently clicked on a page that had a headline about what some are calling a new "book."

Seems like the woman (I started to say "lady" but just about gagged at the thought of associating that word with this... person) has a new "book" out.  Appropriately enough, the book is titled Selfish.  And get this, it's nothing but a compilation of this airhead's favorite SELFIES.  I kid you not. the title to this post says, "I'd sooner flush a fifty down the toilet" than even glance at garbage like this.

Now, though, I'm off to grab lunch, during which I hope to flush the Kardashian kids and their ever so weird parents from my mind for as long as possible.

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