Friday, October 10, 2008

Author Decides to Postpone U.K. Publicaion of "The Jewel of Medina"

Sherry Jones has decided to hold off on publication of her controversial novel, The Jewel of Medina in the U.K. and she will not be going there next week on the promotional tour that had been scheduled to mark the book's release. According to CBC News:

After the bombing, Jones said she wanted to proceed with the U.K. release of her book, a first-person narrative telling the story of the Prophet Mohammad's favourite wife, Aisha.

She appears to have reversed her decision, but Gibson Square has not outlined her reasons.

"It is not an easy call for any author, particularly in the case of a debut novel that attracts so much attention from the British media," the publisher said in a statement. "We appreciate that she will continue to make time available to any interested British groups to dispel misinformation about The Jewel of Medina."
As of this moment, no new publication date has been announced for the novel. So, at least for now, the murdering thugs from the Dark Ages seem to be winning the fight to keep anyone in the U.K. from reading The Jewel of Medina. Just what is it that they are trying so hard to hide?


  1. Holding off publication? Interesting since we have it at our store.

  2. Never mind, I just re-read and noticed that it said "in the U.K."