Saturday, August 15, 2015

Time for Colorado's Literary Litterbug To Pay the Price

I first took notice of the infamous Colorado book-dumper back in February of this year when several hundred books started appearing from what seemed to residents like out of nowhere on Colorado Highway 287.  Anyone dumb enough to dump a bunch of books out of his moving vehicle was bound to be caught in the act sooner than later, I figured, and sure enough, the genius was nabbed in April.  

Dumping Books on Colorado Hwy 287?  Cut It Out...

Colorado's Infamous Highway 287 Book-Dumper Stopped in His Tracks

Now comes word from Colorado (via this note on NBC Channel 9's website) that it's time for the literary litter bug to pay the price for his foolishness.
Glenn Pladsen pleaded guilty to three counts of littering Thursday, in exchange three other counts were dropped. He was immediately sentenced to 30 hours of community service. He also has to pay restitution and court costs and fees which total about $1,700.

Here's hoping that those 30 hours of community service include some time dressed in an orange jumpsuit as he cleans litter from Colorado roadways.  (I have to admit that this little saga has kept me entertained more than it probably should have.)

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