Friday, August 07, 2015

Thug Notes Reviews "Go Set a Watchman" in Its Own Unique Style

I stumbled upon the work of this guy this afternoon, and my immediate, knee-jerk reaction was to blow him off as a waste of time.  But when I really listened to his schtick, I got it.  He's aiming for an audience of young people who consider his delivery to be cool and beyond the comprehension of people like me...their generational elders.  And it works.  

In this sample video, the resident "thug" begins with his version of a plot summary of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman before finishing up with his critique of the book.  He presents some interesting thoughts before suggesting that it's ultimately up to each reader to form his own unique opinion of Watchman by allowing his conscious to be his guide and "watchman."  (And that plot summary is hilariously accurate.)

The "thug" is actually a stand-up comedian by the name of Greg Edwards who serves as a writer (among others) and front man for "Wisecrack," a media company out of California.  As you will see, "Wisecrack" uses humor to make its points - both verbally and via its offbeat illustrations.  And if videos like these get a few of those who consider themselves to be members of the hip crowd to actually pick up one of these books, keep them coming, guys.

If you like this sample video, go over to YouTube and subscribe to the series.  It's all free...and fun.

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