Friday, February 27, 2015

Dumping Books on Colorado Hwy 287? Cut It Out...

Colorado Hwy 287 at Arapahoe (near spots the books are dumped)
Here's one for everybody's "what the hell?" files.

It seems that someone has been regularly dumping small loads of books (about 50 at a time) on the median of one Colorado highway.  Needless to say, officials there, especially those in charge of the cleanup required, are not happy about this WTH development.

Details come from Tampa Bay's Channel 10 News:
Since December, workers for CDOT have collected 300 books from the median – anywhere from 25 to 50 at a time. Fiel says not only is it dangerous, but it's frustrating.
"Sending guys out there in the middle of the median is a safety issue," he said. "These guys have more important things to do."
At first, it was romance paperbacks. Now, on the tenth mission to clean up the dropped debris, crews have found a hodge-podge of different titles.
"It's one of those things, it's very frustrating," Fiel said.

So it sounds as if nine of the ten loads dumped have consisted of "romance paperbacks," and, I'd better not go there.

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