Friday, February 20, 2015

Someone Is Trying to Save Boston from "Awful" Books

Is this a rare picture of "noluckboston"?
Just in the nick of time, I learned a well-kept secret this morning: February is "Library Lover's Month."  Well, who knew?

Well, apparently, someone in Boston knew all about it and has stepped up his/her efforts to point out just how many "awful" library books are on the shelves of the Boston Public Library.  

According to the folks at
A user who goes by the name “noluckboston,” has used BiblioCommons to tag 74 books in the Boston Public Library system as “awful library book.” The tag “awful library book” is featured amongst some more typical categories to classify books, such as “suspense,” “romance,” and “fiction,” in the site’s “recent tags” box. 
Noluckboston, who didn’t respond to a request for comment, isn’t using his or her own judgment to be the arbiter of taste for the Boston Public Library’s collection. Instead, he’s tagging books based off the “Awful Library Books” blog, which two public librarians in Michigan have been running since 2009.

There's a good bit more to this story, so do click the link I've included (above), but there's a lot to love in just these two clipped paragraphs.  

Is "noluckboston" a good guy or a bad guy...a superhero or a library terrorist?  Heck, I love "noluck" simply because it's nice to see someone care so much about their public library that they take the time to do something like this.

And then there's the bonus link to a site called "Awful Library Books" that I didn't know about.  That one sounds like fun and I'll be heading over to take a look at it later this morning.


  1. At least the tagging is happening online and not on the library books themselves! I think it's great and fun. It brings attention to the library and some of the crazy things that can be found in the collection even if they are bad!

    1. You're sure right about the attention part of what you say...never would have known it was "LIbrary Lover's Month" without this avenging angel. :-)

      BTW, the Awful Library Books website is BOTH serious and fun. Funny librarians...some of my favorite people.