Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dog-Sitting, Baseball, and Rude Drivers...Plus a Little Reading

I usually catch up a bit on my sleep on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but it didn't happen this weekend. I am so drowsy right now that I feel as if someone has drugged my Diet Coke. My wife, both daughters, and granddaughter have been in San Marcos since Friday morning because of the drill team competition that my granddaughter's high school team participated in there.  That left me and my youngest grandson home alone to babysit my daughter's dogs...meaning that I had to drive to her house every morning at seven to let them do their thing, and then return at five to feed them and let them run outside again.  I may never recover.

Yesterday also marked the beginning of the youth baseball leagues in the area, and this afternoon I drove out to watch my other grandson's team play in their first tournament of the season (they lost 11-6).  

Anyway, suddenly the whole weekend is shot, and it seems like all I did was make sure that my grandson and his dogs were fed and watered as needed.  

I did manage to get in a few hours of reading, even finishing one mediocre novel and making good progress on the nonfiction title I'm reading at the moment.  So, there's that.  And we did make a stop at a "Half-Price Books" bookstore in search of book 7 in a series my grandson is joy there.  But I stumbled upon another Library of America title I didn't have and snapped it up for $17.50 (half its cover price).  It's the complete collection of Dashiel Hammett novels, one of the LOA books I've been hoping to find for a while.  I have 75 Library of America titles now and love everything about them.

I'm hoping to start reading one of those longterm residents of my shelves tonight that I posted about a few days ago.  Depending on my mood later this evening, I'll probably grab either Vonnegut's Bluebeard or Tan's The Joy Luck Club.  It's a toss-up right now.

One last observation: Some people are stupid.  Some people are rude.  But the worst people are the ones who are both rude and stupid.  On the way home a few minutes ago, on a five-lane road (two lanes running each direction and one turning lane in the middle), a guy stayed behind me for almost two miles before suddenly gunning it, passing me, and immediately putting on his turn-indicator to turn right at the intersection fifty yards up the road.  Seriously, fool?  He saved approximately three-quarters of one second, burned a ton of gasoline for no reason, and caused me to have to slow down for nothing.  He is one of the rude, stupid people I refer to, above.

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