Friday, April 24, 2015

Colorado's Infamous Highway 287 Book-Dumper Stopped in His Tracks

Mystery solved.

The Case of the Colorado Book-Dumper has been quickly and neatly solved with the culprit being caught in the act of tossing more books out his window on Thursday morning.

According to the Times-Call Local News, the jackass otherwise known as Glenn Pladsen was stopped by a Colorado state trooper as he was throwing six more books onto Highway 287 early that morning.  The man's justification for throwing the books out of his car window are astoundingly stupid:
Pladsen said he works long hours as a technician at RF Concepts LLC and that taking the books to the landfill or Goodwill would mean an extra trip, so he started tossing them out of the window on his way to work.
He added that he has arthritis and couldn't lift the books over his head to throw them into a Dumpster. He has tried to give away the books — which cover a variety of topics and genres — but no one wants them.
"My whole basement is full of books, and I need to get rid of them now," he said. "I'll stop doing what I've been doing, of course."
Well, of course you will, Glenn.  

In addition to denying that not all the books found alongside Highway 287 can be attributed to him, the genius went on to say that:
"I never did it when there were other cars around or in traffic," he said. "I had no idea it was a mystery. I would have stopped a long time ago if I thought anybody cared."
Gotta tell you, Glenn, old buddy that you don't come across here as someone who is even capable of reading a book.   Quit talking, man.  Wow.

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  1. Wow is right. Gotta really wonder about people sometimes

    1. The man's ability to delude himself while at the same time turning himself into a complete ass is absolutely astounding.