Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The New Waterstones Watch: Cheaper than the Apple Watch and Just as Much Fun

It has been really hard to avoid all the hype about the new Apple Watch lately, so British bookstore chain Waterstones has decided it is better to "join 'em if you can't beat 'em." 

Thus was born the brand new Waterstones Watch.  Guaranteed to cost a tiny fraction of what one of those Apple gizmos cost, this invention is guaranteed to leave your friends shaking their heads when they see it (of course, their head-shakes might just mean they are questioning your sanity).  

After watching the attached video/user's manual, feel free to get your order placed before they are all gone.  Ready, set, go...

From the Waterstones Blog:
The screen is flexible and multi-layered to create a compact stacked effect. It looks exactly like paper because, if you look closely, you'll see that it is paper.
Each Waterstones Watch includes our patented Brain and Optics Optimal Konnection System System, or B.O.O.K.S. System, featuring 26 individual characters which, when put together into 'words' and 'sentences', delivers a unique reading sensation.
The watch is fully backwards compatible. It supports every model of book created since the invention of the printing press over 550 years ago.
It is also entirely customisable. You can create your own model from almost any genre to make the Waterstones Watch truly represent who you are. 

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