Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Residents of the Dark Ages Issue More Threats to Publisher

As difficult as most of us find it to fathom being angry enough to maim or kill someone because of what they say or publish in a book, it is a fact that there are enough people around the world who refuse to become citizens of the 21st century that this kind of thing is still a real threat. Once again, from the Telegraph comes further news on the controversy involving The Jewel of Medina.
Buying the British and Commonwealth rights to the Sherry Jones novel last week, Mr Rynja described it as a "moving love story".

But the radical cleric Anjem Choudhary said the book was an insult to the Prophet Mohammed's honour, something he said would warrant a "death penalty" under Sharia law.

...the radical cleric Anjem Choudhary, who lives in Ilford, east London, said he was "not surprised at all" by the attack and warned of possible further reprisals over the book

"It is clearly stipulated in Muslim law that any kind of attack on his honour carries the death penalty," he said.

"People should be aware of the consequences they might face when producing material like this. They should know the depth of feeling it might provoke."

He denied any involvement in the attack but said he "understood" the feelings of the perpetrators.

"If the publication goes ahead then I think, inevitably, there will be more attacks like this - this is the thin of the wedge," he said.

Speaking from Lebanon, the radical cleric Omar Bakri, added: "If anybody attacks that man I cannot myself condemn it.


  1. Believe it. It's getting worse, not better. Probably the only answer is to stop immigration from certain countries. It's politically incorrect to say so, but it's becoming a matter of life and death.

  2. We certainly need to use better judgment about who we let into the country, Sylvia. No doubt about that.