Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Presidential Election Comic Books

I've already expressed my desire to keep this blog politics-free, so I'm simply going to pass on the information about this October release of comic books telling the stories of both major party candidates. I think they would make great collector's items regardless of which side you're pulling for and, in fact, I think I'll be buying a copy of each of them.

In fifty or sixty years these things will be great for kids to drag to school to show their teachers and classmates what the election of 2008 was like.

The comics are being released on October 8 but you can pre-order now if you just can't wait.


  1. These do look like very good election collectibles. But don't you think the smile make Senator McCain look a bit like a villian? The superhero poses are kind of funny, too.

    But, thanks for posting this. I'm going to try to get a copy of each. I wonder if they'd be good for classroom use.

  2. Just checked out the site. There's a two-in-one flip book edition listed at 7.99.

    I don't know. I remember how traumatic it was when comic books went from 50 cents to 75. I had to cut way back on my reading.

  3. I hear you, C.B. I can't believe the price of comic books these days. My oldest grandson loves the super heroes comics and the cost of a little collection of those things really adds up quickly. Luckily, his dad still has his own collection from a couple of decades ago and is willing to share...