Monday, September 29, 2008

Jewel of Medina Author Calls for Apology

...and I agree with her because much of the problem and current danger pertaining to the author and the book's publisher stems from the actions and comments of one woman who seems to have purposely stirred this whole thing up. From today's Telegraph:
Controversy over the book has been stoked following comments made in the US media by Denise Spellberg, an associate professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, and an expert on the life of Aisha.

The professor was originally approached by Random House for a comment or "blurb" to put on the cover of the book but she was apparently appalled by it.

She was then quoted as saying that it took "sacred history" and turned it into "softcore pornography" and that the novel constituted a "declaration of war" and "a national security issue".

Author Miss Jones has now called on Professor Spellberg to retract her comments, saying they are "unfair" and "slanderous".

Miss Jones said: "She used the most inflammatory language she could possibly have used. If you want to incite heated emotions from any religious group you just use the word 'pornography' in the same sentence as their revered figures.

"She ought to take back her words because it is in no way an accurate description of my book. There are no sex scenes in it.

"I have not dishonoured the Prophet. I wrote it with the intention of honouring him."
Spellberg took things even further than indicated only by these particular quotes. She contacted people who helped stir things up in the Muslim media and world, leading to the firebombing that occurred in London on Saturday. I believe that what she did was wrong and very dangerous and that she should take some responsibility for her recklessness. I seriously doubt, however, that she will ever do so.


  1. It was good of you to share this other part of the story. I didn't know.

  2. Jeane, I sincerely believe what Spellberg did was despicable. I don't believe that she did it for the selfish reason (she has her own book coming out on a similar subject) that some attribute it to, but I do think that she has shown extremely questionable judgment.