Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Computer Crash

In my outrage at what I was reading last night about Governor Palin's young daughter I continued to follow link-to-link in an attempt to find out who was creating some of the lies and was most enthusiastic about the whole process of destroying a young woman's life that way. Well, I should have known better. When you go into a sewer you are going to smell bad when you come out of it.

That's what happened to me. My home computer system suddenly crashed and I have apparently picked up a bad enough virus that I will be lucky if the system survives it. I'm in the process of reformatting the hard drive right now, but you all know what that means: a computer with the original factory settings from three summers ago, no software, no internet connection, lots of garbage from AOL, Quicken, etc. to clear out.

I decided to reformat after everything else failed after more than 8 hours of trying for a fix. The bug even managed to disable my virus protection software so I have been unable to identify exactly what I picked up.

This is just a note to make you aware that I'm having a huge problem that will slow me down for a few days. I do have a laptop that might work to a degree if I can get it set up properly. But tonight I'm going to focus on the desktop to see if I can begin to get it back at least close to what it was before I picked up the virus I stepped in last night. (I only had three hours sleep last night and that, on top of a long day at the office, means I'm not felling real frisky at the moment, so I hope I don't make things worse - wish me luck.)


  1. Carrie, the desktop is still down for the count but I'm hopeful that I will get it back up and running at some point. Right now, I'm limping by with an old laptop with a small display and a keyboard that is taking some getting used to. But it's better than nothing.

    I went to the Apple Store nearby today seriously intending to walk out with one...I walked out with sticker shock instead.