Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thousands of Hits from Russia in Last Few Days...Help!

I just arrived home after being gone for two weeks and decided to take a look at the activity on Book Chase during that period.  And it is scarring me to death.  Seems that I've had thousands of "hits" from Russia this month, and I'm not about to believe that Book Chase is suddenly the most popular book blog in that country. 

What are these people doing?  Are they trying to hack into my computer through the blog by inserting some sort of Trojan Horse virus?  Should I consider shutting down the blog here and moving it to a new internet address...something other than Blogger?

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?  How easy is it to move over to a different software?  Does traffic have to be rebuilt from zero all over again or is there some way to redirect the traffic to the new location?

Please help if you can answer any of my questions and concerns.  



  1. I've been getting thousands of weird hits in the past couple months, although it seems to be US with Russia in second place. It happened at about the same time I got several DMCA takedown notices for some of my reviews, so I thought they were related. I have no other answers besides that. I've been waiting weeks for my weird hits to quiet down, but so far it shows no signs of stopping. Aside from the takedown notices, nothing odd seems to happened, though.

    1. I'm hearing that the hits are generated by bots that do mass pinging in search of sites with open comments that can be searched for email addresses, etc. Hacking is a big business in Russia and that whole part of the world.

  2. Same thing here. I don't usually look at stats for my blog but I did this week, and it was thousands more- from Russia. I figured it was bots trying to hack but I don't know what in the world they'd find on my site.


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