Sunday, July 10, 2016

July: Books, Baseball, Bluegrass Music, and a Whole Lot of Driving

Just in case anyone is wondering, I haven't disappeared for good.  It's unusual for me to go three days without posting something "bookish" here, but I've been attending a youth baseball tournament with my grandson's team for three days of two games per day this weekend, and that's kept me from posting.  I have, in fact, been lucky to get some reading in but that's been about it.  So now I'm behind on writing at least two book reviews and have another two coming up this week, looks like.  But it's been great fun and worth the lost time.

If any of you are curious, his team finished fourth after being eliminated late this afternoon by the number one seed in the tourney in a last-inning 4-3 defeat.  (The teams are made up of 14-to-15-year-old boys and my grandson is a catcher/outfielder on his team).  

The second half of July is going to be even more hectic for me because I'm leaving for Columbus, Ohio, on the 16th for a four-day bluegrass music festival that begins on the 20th.  I allow three or four days on both ends of the festival for the driving, so I may go "dark" for a day or so a few more times in July.  This year is especially iffy because I'm still recovering from my broken hip (surgery was May 7) and will be moving even slower than usual.

But stay tuned...I do hope to post here quite a few times while I'm on the road, be it music news, book news, or whatever catches my eye as I drive northeast from Houston.  Hope to see you here.

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