Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the Road Again Again

This has been a day of physical therapy on my still-healing hip followed by a whole lot of packing for my annual summer road trip. This year I'm heading back up to Columbus, Ohio - and from Houston, that's quite a drive - so it will be a real test for my hip and my overall endurance.  And because I'm leaving one day earlier than I had planned to leave, everything has been in kind of a rush.  Now I'm just hoping that I don't forget to pack something.

I've taken a break to look at some of the video I shot in 2014, the last time I attended MACC (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) and it's really getting me in the mood for MACC 2016.  I'm going to share one of those videos here because I forgot I had it, and the featured artist, James King, is one we lost very recently.  James was always one of my favorite voices of bluegrass and his soulful delivery was always memorable.

I'll be driving at a rather leisurely pace for the next three or four days, and because I stay off interstate highways whenever possible, it's likely to take me every bit of that time to make it to Columbus.

Anyway, more to come. I'm still going to be reading and hopefully doing a review or two in the next two weeks.  But time will tell.  I'm more likely to post about the trip than anything else.  So please hang in there with me until I get home.

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