Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jonesboro, Illinois, Library Might Be Small but It's Ready for Readers to Come In

Passing through Jonesboro, Illinois, this morning on my way to the music festival in Columbus, Ohio, I came across this tiny library and just had to take a look at it.  Jonesboro, a town of about 2,000 people, has converted what looks to be an old railroad depot into the city library.

Take a look at these photos and you'll see why I stopped:

Front of library and entrance on side

Side of building with old doors in place (excuse my finger at top of photo)

This is the entire children's library.
There is also an adult library that is housed in the same amount of space as the children's library, but there are no accessible windows so I couldn't grab a picture. I assume it contains a similar number of books. The collections appear small but, based on population, they may very well be the equivalent of big city libraries.  Does anyone have a library book per capita measurement we can use for comparison?

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