Friday, May 08, 2015

Japanese Craftsman Restores Old English/Japanese Dictionary

Well, OK.  I didn't understand a single word of what these people are saying, but the video is still pretty fascinating.  If you are one of those bookish folks who enjoy the art and construction of the physical book (and consider them to be true collector's items), I think that you will be as fascinated by the craftsmanship displayed here as I was.

The ending of the video reminds me a whole lot of the American Restoration television series in which the owners are brought back at the end to have their projects unveiled to their unbelieving eyes.  

Note the before and after pictures at the end of the video in order to get the full impact of this man's work on the tattered old book.  I wish I could tell from the video how long this took and how much he charged for his work.  Any Japanese speakers out there?

(One word of warning...don't waste your time using the YouTube translator on the subtitle options.  Those translations are terrible...well beyond ludicrously incompetent.)

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