Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brazenhead Books: Bookstore or Speakeasy?

Owner Michael Seidenberg, Owner of Brazenhead Books
I absolutely love this story, and I'm hoping that my link back to the complete article in the New York Times works for all of you (the NYT only allows a person free access to ten articles per month, so some of you may have already exceeded your personal limits).  

This is the gist of the story.  A longtime NYC bookstore owner has been operating his latest location from his rent-stabilized apartment since 2008.  Apparently, he has been very sly about keeping this bit of information from his landlord for good reason, because now that he has been found out, Michael Seidenberg is being forced to vacate the building by the end of July.

How has he kept the secret while regularly drawing packed crowds to his hidden bookstore?  Does he even live there anymore?  Is Brazenhead Books more a literary salon than a bookstore?  Does Mr. Seidenberg really want to sell his books?  What are he and his regulars going to do, come July?

All this and more, can be found in the Times article.  Just click on the link I provided in the first sentence of this post.  This is cool as cool can be.  

P.S.  (Looks like this is not the only time that Seidenberg has gone public with his story.  This article from July 2014 indicates that the eviction notice came as a result of something that happened around then.  Mr. Seidenberg must have been given a full year to vacate the premises.  

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