Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Trailer of the Week: Suite Française (Movie Version)

I know/think that I have a copy of Irėne Némirovsky's Suite Française around here somewhere, but 20 minutes of searching have not turned it up.  Now I'm hoping that I didn't  inadvertently include it in one of the bags of books I've been bringing to the office for others to plunder on their coffee breaks.  I'm kind of betting that it will turn up here again someday but...

Anyway, while looking for the correct spelling of the author's surname, I found a movie trailer from 2014 that seems to perfectly capture the tone of the novel Némirovsky was working on when taken by the Nazis and imprisoned in the camp in which she eventually died of disease.  

I would love to see this movie (it appears to have just been released in this country last week) mainly because of the scenes depicted early on in the clip depicting the mass exodus forced upon French civilians by the invading Germans.  Roads and train tracks were choked well beyond their capacity when several million people decided to flee the major cities at the same time.  Just imagine how spectacular this would look and sound on a wide movie screen paired with the high-tech sound systems most movie theaters have nowadays.  

I misplaced Suite Franćaise before I finished it, a first for me...and I hope, a last. 

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