Saturday, December 13, 2014

NPR Morning Edition Reads Book Club

Author Hector Tobar
Although I generally find the whole NPR experience to be a little creepy, I think their new "Morning Edition Reads Book Club" has some promise.  The premise is that an author (according to NPR, a well-known one) will choose a book they loved so that all the members of the club can read it together.  Then, in about a month, everyone will get together to have their questions about the book answered.

Personally, I hope the meetings will turn into more of a discussion than into a "less see what the author thinks about everything in the book" session, but that is likely to vary according to the temperament of whichever author chooses the month's book.  

The first session will be kicked off by an Ann Patchett favorite: Deep Down Dark, the story of those 33 Chilean mineworkers who were rescued in 2010 after having been trapped in a mineshaft for 69 days.

Click here for the NPR announcement and details regarding the new club.

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