Thursday, December 18, 2014

"All About That Bass" Song Parodies (Book Related and Otherwise)

If the popularity of a song can be judged by the number of song parodies it generates, "All About That Bass" is absolutely huge.  I've seen at least four good-to-great ones in the last month or so, and I suspect that there are still many more to come.

Some are book related, like this one from "Read Across Road Island",

or like this one promoting the Book of Morman,

or how about this one from a Maine high school,

and then there's this one from Country Music a cappella group Home Free (coincidentally, I grew up with the parents of Tim Faust, the bass singer in this group),

A quick search on YouTube will turn up a few dozen other parodies, but let me warn you right now that most of them are awful, truly cringeworthy stuff.  "All About That Bass" is the perfect parody-base of a song because it is so easily adaptable to whatever message anyone wants to attach to it - and it's catchy as heck.  If you watch these videos, I hope you can get the tune out of your head sometime soon.  Good luck with that.

P.S.  For the one or two of you in the world still not familiar with the original, this is what started all the fuss:

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