Friday, November 02, 2012

Pat Conroy as Celebrated by South Carolina Hall of Fame

Like most of you, there are a handful of novelists whose new work I anticipate with varying degrees of patience.  Some of my favorites make me wait what seems like forever before they publish a new novel (Pat Conroy), some write so quickly that I can barely keep up with their output (Joyce Carol Oates), and others produce a steady book or two per year (James Lee Burke).  Whatever the pace, I feel like a kid in a toy store when I first get my hands on one of their new books.

The authors I mention are, in fact, such favorites that I also greatly enjoy reading about them.  And, even better is hearing them speak about their books, their work habits, their influences, etc.  So, when I find something new on YouTube like this South Carolina Hall of Fame video celebrating Pat Conroy, it's a good day, and I have to share it with my likeminded friends (this video was first posted to YouTube in August 2012):

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