Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Trailer: "Princess Dancer" from Beyond Grimm

The pace at which the publishing industry is evolving is almost mind-numbing from the perspective of the average book lover.  E-books or tree-books?  Kindle or Nook...or other?  Publishers fighting public libraries, Amazon doing its best to put every other book retailer permanently out of business, indie publisher vs. major publisher, indie bookstore vs. the one or two large chain bookstores that still survive?  What is a reader to think of all of this?

So, I can only imagine what it must be like for authors today who are trying to climb onto that whole publishing merry-go-round for the first time.  And if they do make it that far, how will they hold on without getting spun right back off?

That's why I love to talk about books so much.  It's why I enjoy spreading the word about new writers, debut novels, interesting bookstores, beautiful old libraries, and all the independents out there trying to make it on their own.  I have grown particularly fond of book trailers, those little mini-movies and other clever one-of-a-kind presentations that first bring a new book to the public's attention.

Tonight, I have another first for Book Chase: a "Guest Book Trailer."  I received an email from author Sue Lang regarding her story in the anthology titled Beyond Grimm.  Sue's email included a link to the book trailer she produced to bring some attention to her story and the collection.

So pay attention, y'all:

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