Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Book Trailer of the Week - "My Ideal Bookshelf"

In addition to my book, music, and sports addictions, I have to confess to being somewhat of a political junkie.  So this is a big night for me - sort of the Super Bowl of my whole political season.  Maybe even bigger, because this "Super Bowl" comes around every two years instead of every January.

Already, I am being distracted by all the "talking heads" on the news channels, but before I disappear for the long evening ahead, I want to share the latest in my "Book Trailer of the Week" series.  This one is a very clever way to publicize a new coffee table book called My Ideal Bookshelf.  The book is a collection of the "ideal bookshelves" of 100 cultural figures consisting of the books they most love and have been influenced by over their lifetimes.

So, take a look at the book trailer and, if you like what you see, keep in mind that you can order up a unique painting of your own:

Painting an Ideal Bookshelf from Jane Mount on Vimeo.

14th Book Trailer of the week in a continuing series of unusual and memorable book trailers spotted by Book Chase


  1. Cip, I really like that trailer because it's such an unusual way to promote a "book of lists."