Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shamless Pandering

Don't panic. I"m not asking anyone to reach for their wallet or checkbook.

I just want to quickly mention another project that I spend a good bit of time working on along with a group of my good friends who share an interest in traditional country music, the kind that is seldom heard on the radio today. For several years now we have been promoting traditional country music, honky tonk country, bluegrass, and old-time string band music as actively as we can.

We suffered a bit of a setback last year when our websites were suddenly abandoned by the person who had everything registered under her name and who refused to respond to our requests to let us go on without her. All of that work has disappeared but we learned a whole lot in the process of creating it - and losing it.

Starting from scratch was a long and, at times, discouraging process but the good news is that we are starting to regain our old momentum and our four country music sites are coming along nicely. We now operate, under the Real Country Radio umbrella, a blogsite that features articles, pictures, book and CD reviews, and artist interviews, a "forum" site that encourages open discussion of our favorite kind of music, a MySpace site to help traditional country music artists find us and a very fine internet radio station that features real country music. Thankfully, I am part of a group of folks who are willing to put in the hours to make all this come together, folks who simply refuse to let the music die.

Speaking for all of them, we'd love to have you join us in our quest to spread the word that real country music is still alive and well - and that it is being created by people from their teens to their eighties.

Bus of Real Country - free internet radio station

Real Country Radio blogsite
- Reviews, pictures, interviews, etc.

Real Country Radio Forums - Open discussion and breaking news

Real Country Radio @ MySpace


  1. Best of luck to you---country music isn't my thing, but I think it's wonderful that you're sharing what you love with others!