Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Home Again, But Not Quite Back to Normal

I arrived back in Houston in the early hours of Monday morning and have been running as fast as I can ever since. I'm way behind at the office and have only four more work-days to finish this accounting cycle's input and I'm trying, at the same time, to catch up on everything that needs doing at home.

I think I need a vacation.

Anyway, the trip was wonderful. I heard some amazing music and managed to record a whole lot of it on a snazzy little digital stereo recorder that I recently purchased. That little recorder is amazing, producing high sound quality, good stereo separation and a surprisingly good amount of natural bass. I didn't have to tinker with the files at all in order to make them better. I captured about ten hours of music in CD quality that will keep this year's festival fresh in my mind for years to come.

It's great to be back. Now, if I can just survive the next few days, things should be back to normal again.

Here's a shot at three of the music students who were given a few minutes on stage to perform with over a hundred of their fellow students on three or four songs. The folks in Kentucky don't ever want to see bluegrass music die and they are working hard to ensure that it doesn't happen. These kids are part of the next generation of pickers that will carry on the tradition.

Photo by: Cindy Dong


  1. Glad you had a good time, Sam. The little ones are adorable, and I'm glad that someone is seeing to it that the bluegrass tradition is gaining some promising musicians.

  2. Thanks, Jenclair. It's good to be back...but there's only 362 until next year's trip and I can't wait. :-)

    The people of Kentucky take bluegrass music very, very seriously and they are doing a wonderful job of passing it from one generation to the next. Some of the finest musicians I saw this week were under 20 years of age...several of them 13 or less.

  3. If the future of Bluegrass is in the hands of little girls like these, I think it will do just fine!

  4. Those are cute kids, aren't they, herschelian? You should have seen the whole stage packed with kids. They did a fine job on their part of the show and even got to perform with some of bluegrass music's living legends on the Thursday night show...they got a standing ovation from the 60 legends on stage at the time.


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