Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nick Hornby, Blogger

Well, Nick Hornby has a blog of his own - who knew? I'm a big fan of Nick's novels and am intrigued by what the man has to say about his own work and books, in general, so I suspect that I'll be visiting the site on a regular basis (as will my friend, Bybee, when she spots this link - if she hasn't already found it, of course).

Hornby has an interesting piece on why he thinks that e-books will never really catch on. Here's a summary of his reasoning, but check out his blog post for the insightful details:
1) Book readers like books, whereas music fans never had much affection for CDs. Vinyl yes, CDs no.

2) E-book readers have a couple of disadvantages, when compared to mp3 players.

3) We don’t buy many books – seven per person per year, a couple of which, we must assume, are presents for other people.

4) Book-lovers are always late adaptors, and generally suspicious of new technology.

5) The new capabilities of the iPod will make it harder to sell books anyway.

But – and this is the most depressing reason – the truth is that people don’t like reading books much anyway
Check out the blog for some fun reading.