Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stacks and More Stacks

I don't know how it keeps happening (I keep telling myself that) but new stacks of books keep appearing around here. I just realized this morning that I've accumulated another little stack in the last three weeks or so. Just yesterday, I picked up that great compilation of three of Ian Rankin's Rebus novels for $2 and, for $3, Three in Time, a collection of three "rediscovered" time travel novels that were published several decades ago. I also stumbled onto a couple of historical novels having to do with former slaves, one of them, in fact, The Bondwoman's Narrative, is said to have been written by a former slave herself. Throw in a $1 copy of The Dante Club, a mystery set in 1865 and using Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes and James Russell Lowell as characters, plus two Sharyn McCrumb mysteries and a "meditation on reading" and I've added quite a load in just a few days. Oh well, the more the merrier.

Remember this stack from a while back?

I've managed to finish a couple of them, and both were very good, Carry Me Back (at the top of the stack) and Taps (near the bottom) and last night I made a good start on the Elmer Kelton western that I've been wanting to read, so I've made at least a dent in that bunch. My library system has become so efficient in getting my requests to me that I'm actually surprised to have made even that much progress. Oh well, I can't think of a nicer problem to have.


  1. I have shown lots of new books stacks on my blog, but I rarely go back and tell how many I have read. My track record is not always so intentions,however, are the best!

  2. Same here, Danielle. I was actually surprised that I've finished two from the first stack and that I'm working on a third. That's better than I usually do so quickly.