Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Laptops and Guns

Back in early February I wrote about one of Denver's Tattered Cover bookstore locations and the extremely realistic statue of an old man that management placed inside the store. It was a fun story because of the way that the subject of the statue toyed with customers when he happened to be inside the store.

Today I found another news item, this time about a different Tattered Cover location, and not quite as much fun. It seems that an armed robber went into the store during business hours and demanded, at gunpoint, that a customer using a laptop hand it over to him. The store now provides security guards during business hours and, thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident. I've used my laptop in many public places that provide WiFi service, even walking off to grab another cup of coffee or coke and never had a problem with anyone approaching the laptop while I was gone. I may not feel so confident next time around.
Witnesses say it looked like a scene stolen from a movie: During business hours just after seven o'clock last night, a man robbed a customer at gunpoint at this Tattered Cover bookstore on Colfax.

Susan Crews says she looked on -- paralyzed with fright.

"Once he left, I was in tears. I was very anxious," said Crews who watched the suspect as he ran by her.

The masked gunman demanded a man's laptop computer and then fled.

He seemed to know exactly what he wanted.

"He went straight to the guy with the laptop. There was also a camera there. He didn't take the camera, he didn't ask for a wallet. and then he just bolted out," said Crews.
I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.

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  1. Every one should really be careful.
    This is terrifying. To be in such a situation, that a man could just kill you. Laptops and notebooks aren't safe anymore. Any one could just grab it away from you. Though the guy who stole the laptop could have just gotten the camera, and the wallet, but he didn't get any of those, which I think there should be something with the laptop, or in any of the files that is stored or saved that might be the interest of the robber.