Saturday, March 10, 2007

Connecticut Teacher Tries to Sell School Libraries

A Wethersfield special education teacher has apparently tried to sell, one book at a time, parts of the libraries of the two schools in which she works. According to the Norwich Bulletin, local police were able to buy one of the missing books on eBay and prove both that it belonged to one of the schools and that the seller was the arrested school teacher.

Kress is accused of stealing more than 600 books from Hanmer and Charles Wright elementary schools, where she worked as a special education teacher, police said.

Police began investigating a report about a year ago that books from various classrooms were missing. Police say some missing items turned up on the eBay online auction site and they were able to identify Kress as the seller.

Police purchased a book and the police lab identified it as property of Hanmer Elementary School, police said.

They obtained and executed a search warrant for Kress' home where they said they found 600 of the school's books. Police said they have no estimate on how many books had been sold.
This whole incident is bizarre but I have to wonder how in the world this woman managed to carry away several hundred books from the two schools without anyone noticing.

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