Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Brilliant Books Offers Refunds on All Copies of "Go Set a Watchman" Sold

One Traverse City (Michigan) bookstore is having an interesting reaction to the recently released "lost" novel by Harper Lee.  According to bookstore owner, Peter Makin, the marketing push surrounding the HarperCollins publication of Go Set a Watchman is deliberately misleading and he does not want to be a part of it.  For that reason alone, he is offering a full refund to the "dozens" of customers who purchased the book from Brilliant Books.  If customers feel that they were deceived by HarperCollins, all they have to do is return the book - no questions asked.

"We are not offering refunds based on the quality of the (Harper Lee) book or its content. We are offering refunds to those who bought the book based on marketing that led them to believe it was something other than what it actually was," Makin said. "If you find yourself complicit in misleading a customer, you should make amends. Again, this isn't about whether they liked the book. Its about being misled by the marketing."

"It is disappointing and frankly shameful to see our noble industry parade and celebrate this as 'Harper Lee's New Novel'. This is pure exploitation of both literary fans and a beloved American classic (which we hope has not been irrevocably tainted). We therefore encourage you to view 'Go Set A Watchman' with intellectual curiosity and careful consideration; a rough beginning for a classic, but only that," Brilliant Books said on its Web site. 

Honestly, I knew exactly what I was buying when I purchased my copy of Go Set a Watchman in the gift shop of Monroeville, Alabama's old court house.  I heard much of the hype alluded to hear by Brilliant Books, but I did enough reading and research to see through the ad campaign and judge the book for what it was likely to be - not what was being claimed about it.  In my opinion, anyone deceived by the publicity surrounding the book, has no one to blame but themselves.  The facts were out there for anyone to find.  It was simply a matter of getting off our butts and finding it. Come on, people.  Take some responsibility for yourselves...we are all adults here, aren't we?  

Click here for Detroit Free Press article.

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