Friday, April 10, 2015

Book Nerd Problems

I couldn't resist sharing this "Book Nerd Problems" video because I've actually tried this while walking for exercise a few times...with similar results to those shown here.

I walk along what is usually an isolated path along a bayou near my house, so you might think that this would be a safe enough way to read while exercising, sort of the best of both worlds.  Unfortunately, unexpected dips exist along the trail (all covered nicely with grass and impossible to see) and the trail itself veers to the right and left every so often to avoid major natural or man-made obstacles.  You can imagine the results, especially if you've watched the video already.

I've tried this on another park path whose only obstacle is the occasional low-hanging tree branch.  Since I can more easily spot those things over the top of the book or e-reader, I've had better results.

Ahh, the problems of book nerds.  They are endless (if self-created).

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