Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One-Use-and-Out for 35% of E-Book-Readers?

Photo Credit: The Digital Reader 
Something called (according to Shelf Awareness) surveyed almost 2,000 e-book-reader owners recently - and uncovered a few surprises in the process:

  1. 337 (17%) claim to use their reader at least once a week
  2. 575 (29%) say they use their reader every day
  3. 694 (35%) say they used their reader one time - and don't plan to use it again
I find it rather amazing that more than one out of every three owners of e-book-readers find that, after using their readers only one time, they have no desire to ever use them again.

More than half of this once-and-out group say they simply don't have the time to use an e-reader, so they probably aren't regular readers, and I wonder how they ended up with a relatively expensive device in the first place.  Just over 20% say they received the reader as a gift and don't need it.  And, finally, 25% say they prefer tree-books to e-books.

Personally, I own a Sony Reader but have not used it for months because of the e-book applications available for the iPad.  So far this year, I've read 9 e-books - after reading 17 of them last year.  An e-book version of a book is never my first choice.  I only read them when publishers insist on sending only electronic review copies, when I want to read a classic not in my personal library, or when I take an e-book out of my county's library system.

How about you guys?  Are you as surprised as I am?
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