Sunday, May 01, 2016

Young Man Uses Library Books to Help His Homeless Friend

I love stories like this one, but it's been way too long since I've been able to find one to talk about here on Book Chase - and I had to go all the way to London's Daily Mail newspaper to find a story about two Orlando, Florida, readers.

It seems that a young man who befriended the homeless woman he passed everyday on his way to work has found the perfect way to give her some longterm help and inspiration to get herself off the streets for good.  As it turns out the woman could not read, something that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to find a job these days...and without a job...well, you know the rest.

According to the article, Greg Smith borrows a new library book every week to use in the every-Tuesday reading lessons he gives the woman:
So he decided he would help teach her to read.
'I have been blessed with two amazing parents and a family that has always had resources to provide me with anything I wanted to do,' he explained.
'Amy Joe has not. So now not only do Amy Joe and I sit and have lunch, I'm teaching her to read.'
The sales account executive borrows a new library book for his new friend every week and they sit down together, every Tuesday, have lunch and read it together.
'She lit up! I could see in her face that she felt amazing,' he told ABC News.
Amy Joe practices reading with the book the rest of the week on her own. 
I've said it here many times: Readers are special people.  Through books we learn about ourselves and we learn to empathize with others in a way, and too a depth, that is impossible to reach most any other way.

Thank you, Greg Smith for doing what you do.  Amy Joe, I'm pulling for you and hoping that you will be able to turn your life around soon.  Good luck to both of both deserve it.


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