Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Annual "Worst Book I Ever Read" Award

Thankfully, it only happens to me once or twice a year - but it seldom skips a whole year.  That book comes along.  You know...the one that you force yourself to finish because you can't believe it's really as bad as it seems, or you just know the author is going to bail the whole thing out by coming up with the kind of spectacular ending that excuses everything that came before it.  And. It. Doesn't. Happen.

Well, someone seems to have inadvertently created the perfect booby prize for that kind of book.  Most book bloggers do an end-of-year statistical compilation anyway, so what better time to award the annual "Worst Book I Ever Read Award"?  

That should put a, capper...on the year in rather memorable fashion, especially if friends aren't important to you.  


  1. Oh wow! Yeah, I have a few books I could nominate, but I would just keep my list secret, I think.

    1. I've only gone ballistic one time that I can remember. It was a book by a hugely popular South African writer who went out of his way to ridicule everything I believed in at the time and then gloated about it on the last few pages. I unloaded on the guy and haven't read him since...and probably never will.


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