Thursday, April 07, 2016

Heads-Up Library Patrons - Time to Queue Up for These New Books

If you are like most avid readers, there is never enough money to buy all the books you want to read or space enough to shelve the ones you do manage to buy.  That means the best option for most of us is our nearest public library system. And if your library system is like mine, among the best tools offered is the ability to go online to place new books "on hold" for pick-up when the library finally gets them on its shelves.  I have to tell you that I can tolerate standing in an electronic line a whole lot easier than I can tolerate standing in a physical one, so this is the only way to go for me.

But what happens when you spot a book you really, really want to read only to find out that 150 or 200 people had the same idea before you twigged to the book's existence?  Well, let's just say that that electronic line suddenly seems like a very long one - and it is.  Sometimes, in fact, I've waited almost three months for my number to come to the front of the line.

In that spirit, here's a bit of a heads-up for you listing a baker's dozen of books being published in April (one of them is hitting paperback, but it's one I missed in hardcover, so I've included it.  Take a look at these and queue up now before the line is all the way out the building:

I'm not vouching for the quality of these titles because, with only one exception I've not read them, but I know that these authors are all popular enough to have dozens and dozens of fans in every library across America waiting for their latest books.  So if you see something here by one of your favored authors, now's the time to get in those lines...the sooner the better in most cases.  I'm heading to my library link in hopes of snagging a low queue number on the Mary Karr, Graham Swift, Matthew Pearl, and Dan Fesperman (The Letter Writer) titles, myself.

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