Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pulling It All Together

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I'm going to try something today that I've been doing the reverse of on Twitter and Facebook for a while already: a little bit of cross-polinating to invite blog readers to join me on Facebook and Twitter.

I have recently started what Facebook calls an Arts/Humanities page there and I would love to see you guys join me on the Book Chase Facebook page and on Twitter where I am posting as @Book_Chase.  

I do post links on the Facebook page regarding what is happening on the blog, but that accounts for only about 10% of the book information and updates that I talk about over at Facebook.  And, as for Twitter...who knows what that will turn into on any given day?  It's just a chance to talk with more likeminded book people that you will ever encounter in your real world.

So, please do take a look at the Facebook page and, if you like it, just click on the "Like" button and join the conversation.  Book nerds are not easy to round up...we are contrary, independent-minded people...but we know what we like and we are loyal when we find "our people."  Take a look, guys.

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