Thursday, March 03, 2016

Movies for Readers: Me Before You

It's kind of strange, I suppose, that I can't tolerate "romance novels" but do sometimes enjoy "romance movies" if they aren't of the over-the-top-silly variety.  And it seems the Brits make the best of them these Me Before You, this June 2016 movie based on the 2012 Jojo Moyes novel of the same name.

(And while I'm in this nitpicking mood, what's with all the lookalike covers for Jojo Moyes books? If you hate one of I do this're going to hate all of I most certainly do

Oh well, I'll try not to think about the book covers when I go to see the movie. 

This is the official trailer for Me Before You.  I suspect that it will turn into one heck of a tearjerker, so if you feel in need of a good, purging cry come this June, this one may do the trick.

Movies for Readers No. 19

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