Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ann Morgan's Quest to Read a Book from Every Non-English Speaking Country in the World (In One Year)

Even though I don't watch Ted Talks as often as I should, I really do love the idea that they are always available out there - completely free of charge - for me tap into whenever I get a chance. The talks cover just about any subject you can imagine, some of them are long, some short - but the thing they have in common is that all of them will make you think.

I stumbled upon this one by Ann Morgan via a link on Twitter today.  Ann, it seems, took a look at her bookshelves one day to see what they tell the world about her and was not entirely pleased by what she found there.  She was particularly dismayed by the limited number of translated works she owned.  She wanted to do something about that...and did by setting up a new book blog in which, over a one-year period, she would review and talk about a book from every non-English speaking country in the world (almost two hundred countries).  

But let her tell it.  Click on this link to watch her 12-minute presentation. You will find other links at the Ted Talks site that will give you more detail on the books read and on Ann's blog.


  1. That's awesome. What a great self-challenge. I bet it would be hard to choose sometimes. I do like Ted Talks and need to see more of them. I've seen some amazing stuff on those.

    1. Seems like her biggest challenge was finding something from some of the really small and remote countries of the world that don't promote their authors as readily as larger countries. I don't think I would have the patience to get this done...it is pretty remarkable that she managed it.


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