Saturday, November 07, 2015

A Problem Future Librarians Don't Learn About in School

From the Twitter feed of Staten Island reporter Nicholas Rizzi 

For your "just when you think you've heard it all" files, the New York Post offers this little story about the toilet paper thieves who are plaguing one Bronx public library:
So much toilet paper was being swiped from the stalls at the Morrisania branch of the New York Public Library that understandably frustrated staffers hung up a sign three months ago, threatening TP thieves with system-wide banishment or even arrest, a spokeswoman said Friday.

Unfortunately, it seems that the branch did not ask permission to post the warning and decided to yank it from its bathrooms after the story went public yesterday.  Now the infamous Bronx toilet paper thieves may feel free to recommence their thievery.  That's certainly better than "offending the community," isn't it?

Just file this one away as one of those problems they don't teach you about in library science classes.  You're on your own, my library friends...just don't offend the thieves in your community.  We can't have that.  OK?

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