Saturday, November 22, 2014

Backpack of Library Books Stops Bullet

First Book Struck by the Killer's Bullet
The recent shooting outside the Florida State University library should have claimed one more victim than it did.  

According to an article in USA Today, 21-year old Jason Derfuss was the shooter's first intended victim - but two books he had just stuffed into his backpack saved the student's life.  The books were so effective in stopping the bullet, in fact, that Derfuss did not even realize that he had been shot at until he emptied his backpack at home, noticed the damage to the books, and found the spent slug.

The slug passed all the way through the book pictured above but was stopped by a second book.  

To read the entire USA Today article, CLICK HERE.  The article includes a video interview with the student.


  1. Ahhh, I finally got around to re-adding your excellent site to my blogroll, Sam.
    This thing about the book that stopped the bullet is fascinating. Makes me consider carrying around something similar in my own backpack -- just to be safe!

    1. Thanks for the add, Cip. Building back up to my old level of readership is going to be a job, and I appreciate your help.

      Hey, coincidentally, just last night I was watching an old episode of "The Wire" in which two inmates wrapped another one up in heavy magazines (under his prison uniform) to protect him from the assassination-by-knife he expected was coming his way...and it worked.

  2. I heard about this! Pretty amazing and so very lucky. Sadly others weren't so fortunate.