Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Author Bibliographies to Be Added as Separate Pages

Just a bit of a housekeeping note to share with you:

James Lee Burke
I am going to be adding complete bibliographies of some of my favorite authors to Book Chase.  The bibliographies will be found on separate blog pages, one for each author, and the first of these (the James Lee Burke link) is already up.  I plan to add the complete bibliography for Ruth Rendell next, and will follow up that one with those authors I have been reading the longest - usually for three or four decades.

Ruth Rendell
Burke and Rendell, between them, have almost 100 years of published works in the vault and both are still going strong, so these first bibliographies will be quite long.  The author pages will include a mini-biography, pictures, a list of all books (subdivided into series, short story collections, novels, nonfiction titles, etc.), and years of publication of each title.

I find it useful at times to have this information handy, and I hope that others will find the pages to be a convenient place to begin research of an author's body of work.   (See the James Lee Burke page link near the top of the righthand column, for an example of such a page.)

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