Monday, August 19, 2013

Sandra Boynton's Got Frog Trouble

Sandra Boynton is best known as the successful author of a long series of humorous books aimed at very young children such as the ones shown below: 

Boynton, however, has also just produced her fifth album of songs that are aimed at children of all ages - and as its cover indicates, this one is actually for "ages one to older than dirt."  And, a quick look at the list of recording artists who participated in this project leads me to believe that the claim is a true.  

This is the video that sold me (it doesn't hurt that it's the song by one of my favorite "country" singers in the world, Dwight Yoakam):

Frog Trouble, Boynton's first venture into the country music genre, is scheduled for a September 3 release.

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