Thursday, January 17, 2013

Author John Harvey Gets a Makeover

One of my favorite crime writers, the U.K.'s John Harvey, has just had a complete makeover over at Random House.  Get a load of these gorgeous new covers for John's backlist:

In order to get the real impact of these new covers, just click anywhere on it to see an enlargement of the entire image.

John Harvey
Especially when I was primarily buying all my reading material in paperback, I used to really love it when a publisher did something like this.  It is, as the publishers are probably well aware, another incentive for a book collector to buy an entire series or run of a favorite new author's work.  I still think this kind of thing is something that e-books simply cannot match or compete with.  Most e-book covers are "cheapened" by the amateurish cover art with which they present themselves to the world.  Tree-book publishers should take advantage of that oversight.

Even Mr. Harvey is excited about this.  As he says over on his blog, "Just terrific. Font, image, everything. Happy writer, happy man!"

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